Usage Policy

Done these policies on 01/15/2020

Bonyan Humanitarian Foundation is keen on preserving the privacy of its visitors, visitors, beneficiaries, and beneficiaries. We are committed to all laws that control work within the digital space from the same principles of the Foundation, which are based on transparency and clarity, and this is what prompted us to underline these laws related to our policy to protect privacy.

What is the privacy policy?

The privacy policy represents a kind of tacit contract between the site of the institution and all its visitors, visitors, donors and beneficiaries, and we work through the items mentioned in it to clarify all the data that is collected from them automatically or voluntarily, and we also highlight the reasons that compel us to collect them and the areas that we use in them.

From this standpoint, we consider the use of the site, tacit approval of what will be included in this policy, and we also note that a notice will be installed on our pages about every change that may occur in this policy in part or in whole.

Information collected by the Bunyan Humanitarian Foundation website:

As a charitable site, we receive hundreds of visits on a daily basis, so some data may be collected from users and visitors for a set of goals that we will explain later, and this is done through two different methods:


The first way to collect personal information provided by the donors, and it is related to the name, phone number, address and e-mail of the donor, in addition to the data associated with the means of payment accepted by the site.
The second method is automatic, and it comes to the type of device used during browsing the site (computer, tablet, smart phone ...), the system installed on it (Mac, Windows, Android ...) and the type of browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox ...) in addition to information regarding the visit time and duration Stay inside the site and the pages visited ... We point out that most browsers are configured in advance to collect these data, which are viewed by the name “cookies”, which are data in text form that the website transmits to the user’s device so that the site can remember the information related to the visit each time you Where using the services Private electronic direct-help.
How do we use the information collected?

Bunyan Humanity Foundation guarantees the retention of personal information and not sharing it with other parties or selling or exchanging it, while ensuring its confidentiality and not using it except for the purposes for which it was collected, and it is used for example in sending text messages to the donor and supporting the donation on e-mail and your generous donation reports in case you register On the site and adding you to this information, or using automated information such as knowing the most time when donors are present to make sure of their service during peak times, for example, and what are the most used devices to take into account the proper appearance of the site in these devices and other information Matt that we use to facilitate the donation process for the pioneers of the site.

Who sees information or data about visitors to the Bunyan Humanitarian Foundation website?

In all cases, information and data related to visitors from donors or beneficiaries are handled electronically through the system of the website or application, and this does not require the participation of employees or their access to that information or data, except that sometimes in a narrow range and for specific purposes may be available The possibility of accessing this information and data for a limited number of specialists and technicians; who are in direct contact with the use and handling of that information and data, and are committed to respecting the confidentiality of this information and data and their privacy by signing a binding document to do so, or A third shelf is an intermediary such as the provider of short message services, and they are also obliged to keep this information confidential. In exceptional cases (such as investigations and cases), employees of the supervisory authorities or those who need to be informed of it may submit to it, subject to the provisions of the law and the orders of the judicial authorities. For any profit or commercial purposes


How do we use the donor's payment card?

When the donor makes the payment process, either using (Visa and Master Card) or if he donated via (midtrans), the donation process will take place through the bank page provided for the electronic donation portal service, and no bank information is stored for the donors such as "account number, or secret number or any Information related to the credit card of the benefactor on the Bunyan Humanitarian Foundation website, and that this information remains secure through the bank providing the service, taking into account that the electronic payment services providers, whether by Visa, Master Card or KNET, use the latest methods of protecting the information related to payment by i Coordination Internet.


Refund policy?
All donations to Bonyan Humanitarian Foundation are non-refundable and disposable for charitable and humanitarian work.

Protect your personal information:

We are aware of the importance of personal information to our valued visitors and donors, and we are fully aware of the challenges that stand in the way of the integrity of transactions inside the internet, for this we make great efforts to protect this information, by adopting the maximum levels of security for the site from the dangers of electronic attacks, and we encrypt all data Of those we deal with.

These are the most important points related to the site's privacy policy, and it should be noted that you can inquire about any of its terms by contacting us.