About Us

The Bonyan Humanitarian Foundation is very concerned about human welfare by providing assistance in the form of building education, health and preaching facilities, as well as providing assistance to the sick, the poor, and those in need. Founded in 1441 AH / 2019 AD in Republic of Indonesia, the Bonyan Humanitarian Foundation also works for the development of the poor through development activities.

Our vision:

Leadership in building and developing a person.

Our message:

Human development to live a good life, through human actions and development projects, in partnership with all, and with cadres Creative and medium miscellaneous.

Our Values:

The values ​​of individuals are reflected in their actions, interactions and decisions .. The goals of the institution are based on their values, and the values ​​help each individual Where on Prioritize it within the framework of the organization.

  • Collaboration: Our work with others is collaborative, and we consider everyone an equal partner
  • International: Our people are boundless, and we contribute to development wherever it exists. Human
  • Love: We surround our business with the love of good for others, our love for our cadres, and who deals With us
  • Tolerance: We work and contribute to spreading tolerance, peace, and benevolence among human beings.
  • Creativity: Creativity, excellence, and innovation of new features for our business and operational ideas.

Our strategic themes

  • Excellence in Human Development
  • Care for human education and rehabilitation in various aspects of life
  • Caring for humanitarian and development work
  • achieving the organization's increased financial sustainability
  • employ technology in the organization's work and programs