Qualifying Muslim Preachers

Qualifying Muslim Preachers

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First: Introducing the project:

A project to qualify preachers who are familiar with Islam to develop their skills and advocacy capabilities and provide them with knowledge and sciences that enable them to present Islam in the correct way.

Second: The objectives of the project:

  1. Support projects to introduce Islam to the beneficiary countries.
  2. Preparing a generation of preachers who are concerned with introducing and advocating Islam.
  3. Demonstrate the correct image of Islam in front of the world through the efforts and programs implemented by the preachers known to Islam.
  4. Introducing Islam by modern means.
  5. Providing the preachers with the skills necessary to contribute to removing some suspicions in the minds due to the influence of the media campaign that seeks to discredit Islam and link it to terrorism and violence.
  6. Qualifying and nurturing knowledge of Islam scientifically and skillfully in light of the Qur’an and Sunnah.
  7. Localization of the definition of Islam in the countries of knowledge.
  8. Developing the administrative, leadership, technical and skill capabilities of those in charge of institutions that define Islam.
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